The role of Cosmetics in our society becomes more important over the last two decades.

Today's cosmetic market is driven by innovation including new designs, unique formulas, with even greater efficacy, targeting specific skin problems, or beauty results.

Personal care and in general cosmetic products are more demanding as consumers become more sophisticated for their skin health.

Cosmetic design is our key role in formulating and manufacturing a cosmetic product.

We produce a variety of cosmetic - cosmeceutical products for different customers in several forms and various packaging components.
Our client may also choose from a variety of ready innovative designed formulations in different sectors of cosmetic application.

We provide a complete Regulatory affairs support with a complete product Dossier to our Contract Manufacturing clients and CPNP notification. (Product access to all EU member states).

Our Project team welcome any request starting from a new product idea to a finished product - contract manufacturing.


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