In Boderm Laboratories we respect every customer need for specific product requirements.

We undertake Contract Manufacturing of an existing marketed product and/or a New Product Development.

Each Project is considered unique. The customer communicates directly with our Project Team.

The Team targets on the start up to use all possible resources in specific product development and contribute through development and production to best possible sales potential of a finished product.

We are dedicated to handle the cost within the clients expected limits. Our long term business relation with European and International suppliers of raw materials, packaging, machineries, assist to best possible end cost as well as use of up to date Medical device/Food Supplement/Cosmetic ingredients/components available in the International arena.

Our low and flexible batch size facilitates even more the start up of our client investment for a new product idea or production of an existing marketed product.

Our manufacturing plant uses a brand new highly automated production machinery that reduces time, cost and secures delivery on time to our customers.

We Develop and Contract Manufacture a variety Medical Device/Food Supplements/Cosmetic forms such as Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Serums, Gels, Toothpastes, Oral and Topical Solutions, syrups in different packaging content as tubes, jars, bottles, airless, dispensers, pipettes, etc..

All Projetc Team are scientists with Academic and Industrial background, with expertise in Formulation, Testing, Production, Logistics and Marketing of a Medical Device, a Cosmetic, a Food Supplement.

Our solid management team secures stability, continuous supply of the product and establishes long term business relation with our partners.

Both Management and Project Team respect our clients’ reputation into market and protect it through our agreed confidentiality and services in New Product Development and Contract Manufacturing.

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