Regulatory Affairs

Our Regulatory affairs Team secure the appropriate licensing, marketing and legal compliance of a cosmetic, medical device and food (dietary) supplement in order to control the safety of a product.

Our scientific, legal and business-marketing expertise advise our customers to meet the European and International legislation for development, production and market/launch of their products.

We advise our customers for all issues that should be taken into consideration in order to coordinate and follow up with them the registration of a product in their respected Health Authorities.

Regulatory affairs issues are a crucial link between our company, client, authorities and consumers.

We provide complete up-to-date dossier effective for regulatory approval in compliance with EU directives and guidelines.

Continuous training of our scientific team performed in seminars, conferences, symposiums for up-dating its expertise. Our relation with Academia, inspection of Health Authorities, audit by ISO make us even more specialised on Regulatory Affairs.

Our regulatory scientists are involved in all phases of new product development starting from research & development to packaging of a finished product.

This eliminates cost and time and at the same time increase involvement of our experts in tailored made products of our clients.


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